Digital marketing services

According to statistics, 50% of businesses run with unclear online marketing strategy. It indicates that many companies are investing their money, time, effort and resources in digital marketing solutions without a well-defined approach.

ALifZay, as a digital marketing agency provides strategic services to address the objective and marketing concerns of your business. Our team of digital marketing experts recommend focused online marketing strategies that can turn your marketing solutions into sales opportunities. We believe in developing strategies with clear roadmaps and action plans that can help businesses to achieve their brand objectives. Our digital marketing services include effective Web audit practices, ecommerce strategies, online marketing and advertising plans, marketing flexibility, advertising strategy, SEO website and much more. For a digital marketing plan tailored to unique needs of your brand, we focus on following core areas:

Business and Brands

Our digital marketing consultants evaluate your digital footprints, competitive position, online bran reputation and CRM (customer relationship management). In light of the evaluation, we make a comprehensive report of your current online presence.

Engagement Through Content

It is important to assess that how your content engages customers through social media marketing, email marketing, and content marketing. We strategize our content services and SEO performance according to your current customer engagement. Details of content strategies and performance are described under our services of content marketing.

Technology integration

We identify major challenges that your brand faces in the World Wide Web by tracking through campaign performance metrics. Advanced technology and tools are integrated in our digital marketing strategy to measure the results of online traffic and engagement for your web pages.

Lead evaluation

With technology, we discover key traffic sources and essential marketing channels to focus on the area and generate convertible leads.

Success Measurement

It is crucial to keep an eye on the results of all digital marketing activities. We evaluate your campaign performance through various factors such as CLV (customer lifetime value), web traffic and lead volume. Our expert team tailors each service in the light of the evaluation.