Digital Marketing Trends in 2022

  • September 03, 2022
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Digital marketing becomes increasingly challenging with each passing year. Marketers now must handle burgeoning social platforms, changing rules, content, automation, and personalization, to mention a few, in addition to fundamentals like SEO, PPC, branding, and UX.


As we anticipate what the new year will bring, we surveyed 30 marketers to learn the most crucial tactics they will use to widen their audience, increase brand awareness, and increase sales.


The top 10 digital advertising trends 2022 are shown below.




The Metaverse is a universe within our world, as the name suggests. Currently, Meta is the owner of the Metaverse (Facebook). The concept of a digital environment where augmented and virtual worlds coexist to produce a universal experience is novel and has enormous potential. It is undoubtedly one of the latest digital marketing trends.


A digital representation of yourself in a dystopian future where any action is conceivable seems to have much in common with video games. So how does it then become a trend in digital marketing in 2022?


The Metaverse has made social commerce conceivable with its network of realities and virtual universes where space is almost everywhere. Digital marketers have therefore discovered a chance for their companies to occupy that void and establish a new digital marketing medium.


The potential is enormous, even though we haven't yet achieved the heights of this digital marketing services in such a location. But, according to statistics conducted in November 2021, 68% of Americans were uninterested in Meta's proposed Metaverse. In 2022, 83.7 million Americans will use AR regularly. By 2023, the service will be used by more than 110 million individuals.




You can trade digital assets called Non-Fungible Tokens. Each NFT includes a special token identifying it as the original and yours alone. NFTs have upended the fields of art and technology, but they have also begun to infiltrate the field of digital marketing.


For their primary marketing objectives, free NFTs are distributed in a raffle as brands. For instance, Marriott Bonvoy organized a raffle in which the winners would each earn 200,000 Bonvoy points in addition to their personal NFT.


High-end businesses like Adidas, Tesla, and others have been the only ones targeting these digital marketing efforts. The potential and opportunities are endless as more and more brands use NFTs as a marketing tool. According to statistics, the NFT market is worth $5 billion. The NFT market expanded more than 20 times between 2020 and 2021. Over $90 million was paid for the most pricey NFTs.


Artificial Reality or Augmented Reality


According to Wikipedia, augmented reality is an interactive environment in which

computer-generated perceptual data is used to improve the appearance of real-world items. It has three essential components.

  • A mix of the real and virtual worlds
  • accurate 3D registration of the actual and virtual items
  • real-time interaction


While virtual reality generates excitement and buzz thanks to its huge sci-fi concepts but augmented reality is far more believable from a marketing perspective. According to experts, AR will continue to hold a larger market share than VR.


The use of this AR technology by brands to improve the customer experience and boost sales is rising.


IKEA is one such example. Using its software, customers may take a photo of their home on their cellphones (iOS 11.0.1 for now) and use it to test-drive IKEA furniture. Then, the users can move the furniture around to examine how it appears different from various perspectives.


Voice Search Optimization


55% of teenagers use voice search every day, according to a study on the topic conducted by Review42. This generation's widespread acceptance of voice search demonstrates how common it will become in the future.


Voice Search, a capability we all received with our smartphones around 2014, is exploding this year for several reasons. First, smart speakers are becoming more and more popular. 20% of families have invested in smart speakers like Google Home or Amazon Alexa. A key sign of how people have begun to adapt to this new behaviour is the proliferation of voice search-operated devices.


Furthermore, Google asserts that its voice search has a 95% accuracy rate. The usability of voice search has increased with improved search precision. The process is now more individualized and appealing, thanks to improved accuracy that matches what you ask for and the simplicity of utilizing your voice to acquire results.


Lastly, and most significantly, it is anticipated that by 2023, voice results will account for 50% of all internet purchases. Digital marketers have a huge $40 billion opportunity to take advantage of this digital marketing service. Making sure your website is prepared for voice search will be crucial in the future, given the abundance of growth indicators pointing to the advent of voice search.





One of the most popular digital marketing trends in 2022 is chatbots, an AI-based system that uses instant messaging to communicate with site visitors and clients. It is made to communicate with customers either verbally or visually.


Chatbots can be used by businesses to engage with customers. It is advantageous to have technology that can respond to hundreds of users at once because many users frequently visit


the website. Chatbots offer 24/7 customer support, rapid replies to questions, and solutions to straightforward problems.


63% of respondents prefer messaging on chatbots when interacting with brands or enterprises. Excellent customer service is provided by this virtual help, allowing businesses to eliminate tedious activities and concentrate on more crucial work.


Starbucks has created a chatbot that works through the MyBarista app and allows users to place orders by messaging or aural message using Amazon Alexa.



Marketing via WhatsApp


In 2022, WhatsApp marketing is anticipated to be one of the most important and leading digital marketing trends. WhatsApp has fundamentally altered how companies now connect with and interact with their customers. Now that all age groups use and frequently check an app, you can send personal messages on it. Additionally, since you will be contacting the customer using a WhatsApp Business Account, which increases their trust in you and your company's legitimacy, you won't be freaking them out.


You may take orders from customers, let them know how their orders are doing, and even accept and process payments! Why it is one of the future marketing trends that you should follow.


How Can You Stay Ahead of These Trends in Digital Marketing?

Marketing practice continues to change as new trends emerge in the extremely dynamic world of digital marketing services. Every year, we will witness newer and more fascinating digital marketing news that will alter how we, as digital marketers, promote our products. This is due to the rapid advancement of technology.


It might be simpler for your company to adopt some of these trends than others. In some circumstances, you can note them as general guidelines to pay attention to, but remember that the sooner you can respond, the better. Future years should constantly be considered when developing your current year's strategy.